BMW & Mini Repairs - Birmingham

BMW & Mini Repairs in Birmingham

BMW and Mini Repairs in Birmingham

Covering Solihul, West Bromwich, Coventry, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Telford, Redditch and Kidderminster.

Whether it is a major service, an intermediate service or a basic oil change, we can look after your car. From engine replacements to new windscreen wiper blades, the technicians at Jo Darby Cars Ltd are trained to service most makes and models and take pride in their level of workmanship. Below we have listed some of the major areas we cover, so you know the extent of our full car servicing capabilities.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system is inspected for leaks, damage, deterioration and corrosion. Catalytic convertors and Diesel particulate filters (DPF) can be checked for blockages and functionality. Replacements are made if needed with quality exhausts and components.

Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioner System is inspected for operating pressures, leaks, deterioration or damage to any hoses, seals or components during a full car service. The Drive Belt tension checked and system recharged with refrigerant.

Fuel System-EFI

We can repair and inspect any problems to do with fueling including fuel lines, fuel filters, injection systems and fuel pumps.

Engine Repairs

We handle minor and major engine repairs. We can also supply and fit exchange engines. Alternatively, engines can be rebuilt where no replacement unit is available. If your engine is worn and requires major mechanical work, a reconditioned replacement engine can restore power and economy to your vehicle. All exchange engines are fully guaranteed for quality and performance.

Car Servicing

Major Service includes grease and oil change plus on vehicle diagnostic check and safety inspection and report on your cars overall mechanical condtion.

Cooling Systems

We pressure test the radiator, inspect hoses for leaks and the radiator cap for proper sealing. We also check the coolant level and strength, the water pump for leaks or wear and all drive belts for tension and condition.

Clutch Repairs in Birmingham

Covering Solihul, West Bromwich, Coventry, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Telford, Redditch and Kidderminster.

We can do a full clutch service including adjustment, hydraulics and clutch disc replacement for all makes and models.

Brake Service

Our brake service include disc pad or break shoe replacement on front or rear wheels. Replacing and bleeding the hydraulic brake fluid. We can also provide brake disc machining when parts are unavailable or expensive.


Our automatic transmission service includes replacement of transmission fluid, cleaning or replacement of filter, plus adjustments as necessary.

Rear Axle

We check the fluid level in the differential. Universal joint and centre bearing checked and replaced if necessary.

Engine Diagnostics - Birmingham

Covering Solihul, West Bromwich, Coventry, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Telford, Redditch and Kidderminster.

Electronic control unit experts

Do you often notice an unusual warning light on your car's dashboard? Ignoring it may result in serious problems later on, therefore, the sooner you bring your car to us at Jo Darby Cars, the better.

Modern cars are equipped with advanced electronic control units and sensors that keep monitoring the internal car components such as the steering wheel and the engine bay. The moment your car's ECU notices something unusual, it alerts you with warning. As a responsible vehicle owner, you need to set things right. If you are not able to make an assessment, then let our ECU experts take care of it at our garage in Birmingham.

Getting your car back on the road
  • - Checking of wiring
  • - Replacement of suspected faulty parts or components
  • - Analysing vibrations and unusual sounds
  • - Detailed engine diagnostics
  • - Physical inspection of mechanical components

We service and repair any make and model of car in Birmingham but specialiase in BMW and Minis and, with our services, you could save 50% off main dealer labour prices.

We also provide courtesy cars given enough notice. Please do ask!

Our Work

Below is an insight to our Garage Premises serving customers in and around Birmingham. We also offer recovery!